About us


1981 :

Setting up of a local branch MODITEC by Mr Richard Diaz, based in Bron, France.

1985 :

Launch of the first low speed grinder "Goliath". The local branch becomes the limited company MODITEC "Plastic handling".

1987 :

Mr Gilles Dutour joins with Mr Richard DIAZ to develop the sales of Moditec world-wide.

1988 :

MODITEC moves in the industrial estate of Corbas (69).

1989 :

Launch of the conventional range of grinders BM.

1994 :

MODITEC moves in St Symphorien d'Ozon and integrates a production unit of mechanical parts.
Innovation with the double opening of the cutting chamber of the grinders.

1999 :

Launch of the range of grinders Bigger for the very large plastic parts and of the patented Masher system.

2000 :

Moving in the new business premises in Marennes, in the South of Lyon.

2005 :

Launch of the patented IMD system (metal detection system integrated in the cutting chamber). The 2nd generation of Goliath are born : Goliath Plus.

2007 :

Moditec is sold to the group RAPID AB (Sweden).

2010 :

RAPID AB files for Moditec bankruptcy.

2010 :

The former French shareholders of MODITEC and their family set the company Montage Diffusion Technique (MO-DI-TEC) up in Vienne in the South of Lyon and restart production and marketing of all the Slow speed granulator ranges: GPlus, MiniGoliath, GTWINPlus, TITANPlus and BM.

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MO-DI-TEC quality

The quality is one of our main concerns, we are designing, producing and assembling all our machines in our factory in Vienne.
MODITEC has at its disposal a multilingual sales department, engineers and skilled technicians to meet with our customers requests and offer them the technical solution adapted to their needs.