Automatic hopper

Automatic Hopper on Goliath Plus granulator

Automatic hopper (optional – available on all GOLIATH Plus models) :

- A PLC driven slide gate on the hopper that opens and closes to regulate grinder feeding. A timer determines the frequency and duration of the cycle, and can permit runners to accumulate and cool before grinding if desired.

- This automated system is totally safe. The slide gate opens only when the rotor is stopped and the slide gate is completely closed.
An anti-pinch system enables the immediate reopening of the trapdoor if an obstacle prevents complete closure.

- After three attempts, the grinder shuts down and a light on the panel is illuminated

Advantages :

- Compact. Feed height is considerably reduced to allow easy feeding from a separator or conveyor.
- Quite. The granulator only operates when the slide gate is closed.
- No fly back
- Can be incorporated into the operation of the robot.
- Clear PC hopper allows the operator to see into the cutting chamber.
- Anti-jamming system (ABS) as an option.

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